James Taylor – In The Bleak Midwinter chords ver. 2

This is a version originally posted on a James Taylor forum and I believe it to be very 
close to the original recording.

G  D/F#  Em  Bm7  A  G  
Bm7  G9  A  Bm7  G9  *2: SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM

Verse 1
D B11 Bm7 B11>Bm7In the bleak midwinter
G A A4<AIcy winds made moan
D F#m7 B11 Bm7Earth stood hard as iron
G A DWater like a stone
Em D/F# G ASnow on snow had fallen
Bm7 E7 A4 ASnow on snow on snow
Gmaj7 Gm7 F#m7 E A4+7/B'
A4+7 A DIn the bleak midwinter long and long ago
Instrumental Bridge D a/D Dmaj7 G D Dmaj7* F#m7 G Verse 2
D B11 Bm7 AAngels and archangels
G A A4 AMay have gathered there
D D/F# B11 Bm7Cherubim and seraphim
G A DRising in the air
Em D/F# G ANone but only Mary
Bm7 E7 A4 AIn her maiden bliss
Gmaj7 Gm7 F#m7 EWorshipped the beloved
A4+7/B' A4+7 A7 DWith a mother's kiss
Solo D B11 Bm7 G A A4 A D B11 Bm7 G A D Bridge
Em D/F# G AHeaven cannot hold Him
Bm7 E7 A4 ANor can earth sustain
Gmaj7 Gm7 F#m7 EHeaven and earth shall fall away
A4+7/B' A4+7 A7 DWhen He comes to reign
Instrumental Bridge D a/D Dmaj7 G D Dmaj7* F#m7 G Verse 3
D B11 Bm7What then can I give Him?
G A A4 AEmpty as I am
D B11 Bm7If I were a shepherd
G A DI would bring a lamb
Em D/F# G AIf I were a Wise Man
Bm7 E7 A4 AI would know my part
Gmaj7 Gm7 F#m7 EWhat then can I give Him?
A4+7/B' A DI must give my heart
Ending a/D G9 a/D D/F# G9 G D/F# Em Bm7 A G D/F# Em A4 D *3: SEE NOTE AT BOTTOM *1: Hit the G once (6th string) with your middle finger on the 3rd fret allowing for action with your index and ring fingers on the note pairs (1st - 3rd string): G(eb da eb f#c# eb) D/F# etc. *2: This is really a Bm7 flat 6th and very similar to the Frozen Man intro. Tabbed like this: x24035 (fret), x13x25 (finger) *3: This is virtually the same as the Intro line as described in note 1.
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