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James Taylor – If I Keep My Heart Out Of Sight tab

If I keep my heart out of sight
James Taylor
Tabbed by: Liam S.
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DMaj7-F#+7 Pause Bm7-E


AMaj7 A6 If I keep on talking now AMaj7 Bm7 E F#m7 I'd only start repeating myself C#m7 - F#+7 And all I can say is Bm7 F#+7 I love you, I love you Bm7 E9,E I love you, I love you AMaj7 A6 If I slip and tip my hat, AMaj7 Bm7 F#m I'm certain to scare you away DMaj7 C#m7-F#+7 And what would I say? Bm7 F#+7 I'd be hurtin', I'm certain Refrain: Em9 A+1 DMaj7 I'd be uncool to let you know C#m7 That you're the one, DMaj7 F#+7 A fool to jump the gun, Em9 A+1 DMaj7 Cause I've been advised by other guys C#m7 You've left behind, DMaj7 F#+7 Bm7,E7 Your goodbyes are somewhat unrefined AMaj7 A6 (But) If I play my role just right, AMaj7 Bm7 E F#m E Then tonight could be my lucky night, DMaj7 C#m7-F#7 And you could be mine. Bm7 GM7 If I present it to you, G#m7 C#7 With the flower in the moonlight F#Maj7 Bm7 Shiny and new, Em9 A+1 DMaj7 Where you couldn't say no tonight DMaj7 C#m7 C#m7-F#+7 If I keep my heart out of sight Adlib: (do refrain chords)
E----------------------I----------2--0-----|B----------------------I----------3--0-----|G-------------------9^-I----------2--1-----|D-11-12-11--9-11-12----I-12-11-9--4--2-----|A----------------------I----------2--2-----|E----------------------I----------x--0-----|(Repeat last stanza except last word) F#...Sight
Chords: Em9 = 022002 A+1 = x00221 DMaj7= x00222 C#m7 = 046454 F#+7 = 242332 Bm7 = 024232 That's all folks... hope you like this!!! These is not 100% but hope it can help... Please try to correct... Thanks!!! This is for Lorraine my honey....
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