James Vincent Mcmorrow - This Old Dark Machine chords version 3

James Vincent McMorrow  This old dark machine

Capo 3
Am EmSpring it came upon us, every insect filled the air
D Am dropped their wings upon my brother, cast their shadows on his hair
Am EmIf we follow where they're leading, we will surely come before
D Amsome unseen and wondrous magic made of visions to explore
D Am Near the town where we were living was an old abandoned farm
D Amevery year we'd plant an orchid in the shelter of it's arm
D Am to protect us from the madness of the future still to come
Em F Dit will be like this forever I will keep you safe from harm
Am Em D AmOohoo Ohhoo Ohooo ohhooo
Am EmThen they caught us in the summer dressed in fathers finest clothes
D Am you the hat he wore to market I the jacket filled with holes
Am EmI've been searching all these hours for a hand as pale as bone
D Amthat would keep the strongest sunlight and reflect the brightest stone
D AmNear the town where we were living was a warm and fragrant smell
D Amof the orchid we had planted. Now a forest tall and well
D Amwhat a statue to our greatness. What a story all will tell
Em F Dthey'll remember us forever. They'll remember where we fell
Am Em D AmOohoo Ohhoo Ohooo ohhooo
Am GThis old dark machine, it shakes and it shudders pulls to the left,
DThen dies near the gutter but still in the road, the traffic is silent
Am Cthe people they stare, and then they turn violent if they should touch,
AmThe hem of your dress. I would rise like a lion, strike out again
C Gthe faithful they wait, the faithful they wait for the sign
D AmNear the town where we were living was a loud and joyous sound
D Amas the earth and all her beauty picked us up from off the ground
D Amcarried far across the mountain to a kingdom never bound
F C D we will live like this forever. I will love you. I will love you.
Am Em D AmI will love Ohoohhooo
Am Em D AmOohoo Ohhoo Ohooo ohhooo 3x
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