James - Bheegi Bheegi tab

               Bheegi Bheegi from Gangster

Performed by James and band

By Sanjeev George and Thomas George, Bangalore, India

This track is an amazing song in the movie.
If we aren’t wrong, 3 guitars have been used in the song.
One plays all the acoustic arpeggios,
One the electric arpeggios and all the power chords with distortion,
and the last plays all the leads, with some unique sort of distortion.

Please listen to the song for understanding the tab better. There seems to be a lot of 
and bend-release throughout the song.

Symbols used in this tab (note carefully):

| s  slide up or down as required
| h  hammer-on
| p  pull-off
| ~  let ring
| v  vibrato

Chords used

Em G F E5 C5 B5 D5e|----0-----3-----1-----------------------------|B|----0-----3-----1-----------------------------|G|----0-----0-----2-----9-----5-----4-----7-----|D|----2-----0-----3-----9-----5-----4-----7-----|A|----2-----2-----3-----7-----3-----2-----5-----|E|----0-----3-----1-----------------------------|
Acoustic arpeggios
Em D Ce|-----------3p2p0---------0---------------------------------------|B|---------0------------3----3--------1----------------------------|G|-------0------------2-------------0----------0-----0-------------|D|-----2------------0-------------2----------2-----0---------------|A|------------------------------3--------0-3-----2-----------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Electric arpeggios Em G F Eme|-----------0-------------3---------------1---------------0-------|B|---------0---0---------3---3-----------1---1-----------0---0-----|G|-------0-------0-----0-------0-------2-------2-------0-------0---|D|-----2-----------------------------3---------------2-------------|A|-----------------------------------------------------------------|E|-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff A played during second chorus at “………yeh zindagaani………”
Riff B played during 2nd chorus after “……..hamaari adhuri kahani “
e|-----14b15v—p12----------12-14-14b15v---------|B|----------------15-12-15----------------------|G|----------------------------------------------|D|----------------------------------------------|A|----------------------------------------------|E|----------------------------------------------|(Play note 14, bend to 15 and vibrate 15)
This part is a little difficult to playe|--15v----15s17---15s12-15---12s10-12--10s7-10--7s5-7--5s3-5-3v-----|B|------17-----------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------------------------------------------------------|A|-------------------------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------------------------|
Now unto the song Verse 1: Em G Bheegi bheegi si hai raatein bheegi bheegi yaadein bheegi bheegi baatein bheegi bheegi Em F Em F Em Aankhon mein kaisi nami hai, aa ha ha ha, aa ha, aa ha ha ha Em G Sapnon ka saaya palkon pe aaya pal mein hasaaya pal mein rulaya Em F Em F Em Phir bhi yeh kaisi kami hai, aa ha ha ha, aa ha, aa ha ha ha Chorus: E5 C5 B5 C5 Na jaane koi, kaisi hai yeh zindagaani, zindagaani_________ \ C5 B5 E5 twice Hamari adhuri kahani ______________________________________/ Verse 2: Em G Aadhi aadhi jaagi aadhi aadhi soyi aankhen teri ye lagta hai royi Em F Em F Em Lekar ye naam hamara, aa ha ha ha, aa ha, aa ha haha Em G Rootha rootha rab choota choota sab toota toota dil tere bina ab Em F Em F Em Kaise ho jeena ganwara, aa ha ha ha. Aa ha, aa ha ha ha The structure of the song is Intro: starts with keyboards, then followed by bass, guitar 1 and drums. guitar 1 plays the acoustic arpeggios Verse 1: Guitar 1 strums the chords gently Guitar 2 plays the electric arpeggios from’…sapnon ka saaya….”onwards Chorus: Guitar 2 plays the power chords Verse 2: Guitar 1 strums gently Guitar 2 plays the electric guitar arpeggios Chorus: Guitar 2 plays power chords Guitar 3 plays the riffs A and B at the points indicated with the riffs Solo: played by guitar 3 Guitar 1 plays the acoustic arpeggios throughout the solo Guitar 2 plays power chords E5, D5, C5 B5…etc(listen to the song) and solo ends with a C5 Verse 1 again: only bass Chorus: guitar 2 chords Towards the end, the chorus is extended as: E5 E5 C5 B5 C5 B5 na jaane koi, naa jaane koi, hamari adhuri kahani E5 C5 B5 C5 na jaane koi, kaisi hai yeh zindagaani, hamari adhuri kahani C5 B5 E5 na na na na na na na na na na na na naa naa C5 B5 C5 B5 C5 B5 C5 B5……. Yeh yeh yeh yeh yeh ye ye ye ye ye ye ye ye C5 B5 E5 Hamari adhuri kahani Then this small part by guitar 3
And then finally the acoustic guitar arpeggios played by guitar 2 And it ends on an E minor strum played by guitar 2. This tab may not correspond exactly to the way the song is played in the video, but it pretty accurate to us. We haven’t tabbed some of the parts in between. If someone can tab them, fine and good. All corrections, comments to improve this tab are most welcome. Mail at sanjeevgeorge123@yahoo.co.in bassatom@yahoo.co.in
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