James - Upside Live chords

These are the chords for the live version. Remember: there is more than one guitar in 
song so another guitar may use a capo and hence, use different chord shapes.

Standard Tuning

Intro: C  Em (6x)

C Em Send seasonal greetings from nowhere
C Em Iím working and playing away
C Em Remember the moment of leaving
F G Yesterday, yesterday
C Em Roll through these towns over seas, over mountains
C Em Lucky to work when work is scarce
C Em Father must feed must provide he must fountain
(Guitar swells)
F G Left my heart within your care
C EmUpside: love you, downside: miss you
C EmIím here you are there
C EmUpside: working, downside: hurting
F GHear my echo dancing bear
* Instrumental: C Em (2x)
C Em Connected to you by a mobile
C Em What I canít do, I can say
C Em Away from you Iím feeling empty
(Guitar Swells)
F G I am raining, I am gray
* Go to Chorus Am F (2x)
Am F My works about words and sounds you can taste
Am F Violins and trumpets, chocolate cakes
Am F Here are some words, words you can taste
G Here are some words kissing your face
* Go to Chorus (Audience sings once and then James repeats chorus again) The song ends with the following chord progression instrumental: D F#m, D F#m, D F#m, G, D Questions or comments: email djelectroknight@hotmail.com
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