James – Porcupine chords

CKnock Knock Knock
Em Em7My house is always open
CWhy shield myself with
Em Em7 Quills and feints and lies
CI can put on quite a show
Em Em7 But inside I'm broken
Em Em7Porcupine
C Em Em7 Here it comes again
CHere it comes again
Em Em7 Here it comes again
(same as above till) Please don't stop You'll get past my defenses My body armour's plated over time I got away with it once But I soon became addicted
AmPorcupine porcupine
G CAt the edge of the world
GLeave my things by the door
AmI surrender control
Fmaj7 GDiving into the fall
On my back's the weight Of my offences You're a skunk and I'm a porcupine Our weaponary's evolved From the heightened senses Porcupine Porcupine At the edge of the world Leave my things by the door I surrender control Diving into the fall Should be right, corrections and comments welcome!
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