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From: Jonathan Gilana 

"Say Something" by James
Transcribed by Jonathan Gilana
March 16, 1995

Riff 1:G-----------------------------------------------------------------|D-2---0-----------2---0----------2---0------------2---0-----------|A---3---0--3----3---3---3--0--3----3---0--3-----3---3---3--0--3---|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 2:e-----------------------------------------------------------------|B----------8----------8----------------------8----------8---------|G------9----------9-----------9-----------9----------9----------9-|D--10---------10----------10----------10---------10---------10----|A-----------------------------------------------------------------|E-----------------------------------------------------------------|
Riff 3:e---1--3--1--0----|B-----------------|
Riff 4:D--0---2---0---2---0---2---0---2---0---2---0---2---0---2---0---2---|A------------------------------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: (Riff 1) (Riff 1) C Am You're as tight as a hunter's trap F Hidden well C What are you concealing (Riff 1) C Am Poker face carved in stone F Almost friends but all alone C Why do you hide? Chorus: (Riff 2 - until end of chorus) C Am Say something, say something, anything F I've shown you everything C Give me a sign C Am Say something, say something, anything F Your silence is deafening C Pay me unkind Verse 2: (Riff 1) C Am Take a drug to set you free F Strange fruit from a forbidden tree C You've got to come down soon (Riff 2) C Am (Riff 3) Whole lot of drug is what I need F (Riff 3) Need a change of scenery C Need a new life *Chorus (Riff 3 after each line) Break (drum solo with Riff 2 and Riff 4) (Riff 2) C Am Say something, say something, anything F I've shown you everything C Give me a sign C Am I'm open, wide open, wondering F Have you swallowed everything C Pay me unkind gilajon@minna.acc.iit.edu
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