Jamey Johnson - The Last Cowboy chords

The Last Cowboy - Jamey Johnson - That Lonesome Song
Standard Tuning

Intro: A

EAn old pickup truck
AMeans you’re down on your luck anymore
EAnd boots and straw hats
AAre just a thing of the past anymore
DAnd ever since Waylon I can’t find no one
ATo buy into sad country songs
EAnd tell me who’s gonna ride us away
AWhen the last cowboy’s gone
Is there a place I can find Any three quarter time anymore? Is there a dirty jukebox That spins on a dime anymore? They changed all the words And the cowgirls they all sing along But tell me who's gonna ride them away When the last cowboy is gone?
DIf John Wayne, Gene and Roy
Are not just some cowboys
AThat yesterday stampeded on
D EAnd tell me who’s gonna ride us away
D EWho’s gonna do it that way
D E Does everything good have to change
ATill the last cowboys gone
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