Jamey Johnson – Dog In The Yard chords

Capo:  1st fret     Slow Rock/Blues 
Listen to the song for the feel and strum pattern
The strum pattern is very similar to "high cost of living" 

AYou don't have to keep me on no chain
EI come running when I hear you call my name
I must not be too hard to train
ATook you no time at all
AYou don't really like none of my friends
EYou never really know just where I've been
When I slip up on your porch at 4AM
ALike an old stray dog
EYou scratch me and you pet me
DAnd you fight me
AAnd even let me win
ANow and then
EYou scold me you tease me
DThen you hold me
AAnd tell me I'm your friend
A Making love to you babe
DAin't so hard
AYou treat me like a
E ADog in the yard
ASometimes you kick at me when I'm down
EIt drives you crazy when I just lay around
No matter what you do I think I've found
AThe perfect home
Chorus once then:
A AAww You treat me like a
E ADog in the yard
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