Jamey Johnson - Dollar tab

Jamey Johnson   www.jameyjohnson.com/
The Dollar  
Daddy hugs his little man  
says son I’ve got to go
       G                               A
and he pulls out of the drive and disappears
as they walk back in the house
the young boy asks his mama
G                              A
where does daddy go when he leaves here
mama tells her little man
your daddy’s got a job
            G                                 A
and when he goes to work they pay him for his time 
well the young boy gets to thinking 
and he heads up to his bedroom 
          G                               A
and comes running back with a quarter and four dimes 


        G              A                  D
and says mama how much time will this buy me 
        G               D                  C               A
is it enough to take me fishing or throw a football in the street
G               F#                  Bm        A      G
if I’m a little short then how much more does daddy need
   Em         A         D 
to spend some time with me
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