Jamie Grace – 1945 chords

1945- Jamie-Grace

CLooking at the radio caught up in a dream,
D'Bout the days gone by when no one had a TV,
FHopin' that the weatherman would say good things,
GLike no rain on Friday for the drive-in movie,
CLittle kids didn't have a care,
GThere was love growing up everywhere,
FBut when I open my eyes and the dream stops playin',
GYou can still find me somewhere saying,
C FI shoulda been born in '45,
Am GIn '54 I woulda been 9,
C FWhite shirt, Poodle skirt, Silk hair tie,
Am GDancing in the moonlight,
C F Am GThat woulda been nice,
C F Am GYeah, that woulda been nice,
CBoombox on my shoulder wit' my favorite tape,
GI'm reppin' my 8 tracks and my buckle-up skates,
F GHow do I know about that you say, You say,
CYou wear bell-bottom jeans get a double take,
GFrom all the guys and the girls who look your way,
FBack then people didn't always agree,
GBut the love goin' round was revolutionary
AmAnd even though the world was crazy,
GI'd still go back if my dreams could take me oh,
C FI shoulda been born in '65,
Am GIn '74 I woulda been 9,
C FTryna' get home after playin' outside,
Am GRacin' street lights racin' street lights,
C FI shouda been born in '65,
Am GI woulda been a teenager in '79,
C F Teasing my hair so it looks just right,
Am GOn a Saturday night yeah,
AmThat woulda been nice,
Am FGrowin' up I never really had a care,
Am GThere was love all the time and everywhere,
Am FAnd even though sometimes my world may get a little crazy,
Am GI find myself bein' proud when I say, yeah
C FI coulda been born in '45,
Am GBut the truth is I got here right on time,
C FAnd I thank God for every day of life,
Am GIt suits me just right, It suits me just right,
C FAnd lovely 1991,
Am GThat's the year that I come from,
C FAnd I wouldn't wanna trade it for another time,
Am GI love this life yeah,
C F AmI love this life,
G C F AmOoohhh, I love this life,
GOoohhh, I love this life...
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