Jamie Grace – You Lead chords

Intro: C F5 C F5

Verse 1:
C FIve got waves that are tossing me
C FCrashin' all over my beliefs
C FAnd in all sincerity, Lord
C FI wanna be yours
C FSo pull me out of this mess im in
C FCause i know I'm wanderin'
C FLead my soul back home again
C FI've always been yours
Pre Chorus:
Dm And this world may push, may pull,
FBut your mercy never fails.
F C F5 GYou lead, I'll follow, Your hands are my tomorrow.
F C Your grip, your grace, You know the way
F5 GYou guide me tenderly.
F CWhen you lead i'll follow,
F5 GJust light the way and I'll go
Dm FCause I know what you've got for me is more than i can see
F C F5 G So lead me on and on. On and on.
F C F5 GLead me on and on. On and on.
Chorus 2: As a child i hear your voice, But as a girl I made my choice, There is no other way for me I'm devoted to you. Your the peace on my heavy days, Your the warmth of an Autumn Blaze, Your love carries me away And its never too soon, no. Pre chorus Chorus Bridge:
F CSometimes when I wake up,
F5 I don't wanna rise up out of my bed,
GTo many thoughts in my head.
F CDon't wanna be who I used to be I'm gonna
F5 GTake a back seat and let you lead,
F C F5 And I---I need to stop, need to stop,
G F C F5Cause I'm going to fast and I---I know my God is still God
GAnd you got my back.
Chorus Bridge
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