Jamies Elsewhere - Memories Make Good Company tab version 1

Ok here is a new tab. I previously wrote the other one but this one is more accurate. 
of playing open chords there actually is like 3 guitars by the sounds of it but it might 
be 2. listen to the song to match up.

intro and verseguitar I (power chords)e|---------------------------------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------------------------------|G|----------------7----------------------------------------------|D|---7------------7----------4---------------7-------------------|A|---7------------5----------4---------------7-------------------|E|---5-----------------------2---------------5-------------------|
guitar II. play open A chord every time guitar one hits the next power chord chorus: guitar I plays same chords but faster strumming. again listen to song for it. here is where it sounds like the song has 3 guitars because Guitar II either does the thing as he did before (the exact same thing) or Guitar II plays this part. through the chorus.
chorus outroe|--------------------|-------------------0--|B|--10-9-7------------|-10-9-7------------2--|G|---------9-7-6------|--------9-7-6------2--|D|---------------9-8--|--------------9-9--2--|A|--------------------|-------------------0--|E|--------------------|----------------------|
outro: guitar one does same thing as chorus but guitar II plays above line on the last of the song
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