Rock Dust Light Star chords with lyrics by Jamiroquai for guitar and ukulele @ Guitaretab

Jamiroquai – Rock Dust Light Star chords

While you're playing this, experiment with seventh chords (all of these should be played 
bar chords). I've tried to work this out from YouTube live recordings so it's not 100%.

AYeah baby rock dust light star.
AAnd it's coming at you baby, coming at you baby!
Em D CI'm a man on the moon,
Bm AmHope I don't come back too soon,
DAm I the only one to see a light?
Am DNo use in gettin' down upon your knees tonight.
Em D CSo daft in love,
Bm AmCos' I got no faith,
DI've seen those twisted lies thrown back into my face,
Am DI've heard the crazy doctrines of the human race.
A --> Riff goes G/A A, G/A A AMust be alone.
Em D CHow could it be?
Bm AmYour gift to me,
DSend the rifle and artillery (?)
Am DThere's nothing 'bout your war, and you can call it what you like.
Em D CI know where I'm from,
Bm AmAnd it's cold and dark,
D'Cos all the sinners are just sage without a spark,
Am DI'm having trouble telling them apart.
AOh yeah.
C Em D AComin' at you rock dust light star,
Coming at you baby, Thirty six thousand miles away,
C Em D ARock dust light star,
Comin' at you baby, What you made of what you are! VERSE: Now look and see, Those stars for you and me, Waiting like silent candles in the night, Atomic nations, you can never fight. I've never felt, I've never prayed, I don't have to join in with the other slaves, I'm not the only one who feels betrayed. Oh yeah. See the part of me invalid, I'm going against the grain, I won't be born again, Salvation's coming from on high! Coming at you baby, through the sky. CHORUS: Rock dust light star, Coming at you baby, Thirty six thousand miles an hour, What you made of what you are. VERSE: I'm a square pig in a, In a round hole, Maybe there's no place left for my wounded soul, Maybe the King of Kings finally lost control. SOLO (IN A PENTATONIC) CHORUS INTRO-STYLE BIT THEN PLAY CHORUS EXCITEDLY. THEN THE INTRO IS THE OUTRO. EXUENT WITH CHEERING CROWD.
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