Jamiroquai - Rock Dust Light Star chords version 1

While you're playing this, experiment with seventh chords (all of these should be played 
bar chords). I've tried to work this out from YouTube live recordings so it's not 100%.

AYeah baby rock dust light star.
AAnd it's coming at you baby, coming at you baby!
Em D CI'm a man on the moon,
Bm AmHope I don't come back too soon,
DAm I the only one to see a light?
Am DNo use in gettin' down upon your knees tonight.
Em D CSo daft in love,
Bm AmCos' I got no faith,
DI've seen those twisted lies thrown back into my face,
Am DI've heard the crazy doctrines of the human race.
A --> Riff goes G/A A, G/A A AMust be alone.
Em D CHow could it be?
Bm AmYour gift to me,
DSend the rifle and artillery (?)
Am DThere's nothing 'bout your war, and you can call it what you like.
Em D CI know where I'm from,
Bm AmAnd it's cold and dark,
D'Cos all the sinners are just sage without a spark,
Am DI'm having trouble telling them apart.
AOh yeah.
C Em D AComin' at you rock dust light star,
Coming at you baby, Thirty six thousand miles away,
C Em D ARock dust light star,
Comin' at you baby, What you made of what you are! VERSE: Now look and see, Those stars for you and me, Waiting like silent candles in the night, Atomic nations, you can never fight. I've never felt, I've never prayed, I don't have to join in with the other slaves, I'm not the only one who feels betrayed. Oh yeah. See the part of me invalid, I'm going against the grain, I won't be born again, Salvation's coming from on high! Coming at you baby, through the sky. CHORUS: Rock dust light star, Coming at you baby, Thirty six thousand miles an hour, What you made of what you are. VERSE: I'm a square pig in a, In a round hole, Maybe there's no place left for my wounded soul, Maybe the King of Kings finally lost control. SOLO (IN A PENTATONIC) CHORUS INTRO-STYLE BIT THEN PLAY CHORUS EXCITEDLY. THEN THE INTRO IS THE OUTRO. EXUENT WITH CHEERING CROWD.
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