Jamiroquai – Black Crow tab

Just a few things:
Im not 100% on the chords, i just assumed they would be right. I didnt include
the electric bit coz im on holiday with only my acoustic. The main riff is played
throughout the song, and the outro is right at the very end. Unfortunately, apart
from the intro this song isn't very good by itself. It may sound a  bit better on
a 12 string which would give the sound something more solid. Or you could improvise
by playing the string above the one you ar playing, kinda like in the intro. Or
play around with the chords. Also the Em is first just strummed once slowly, then
the following times plucked
with three fingers and your thumb. Any additions are welcome.

Intro0:00 x4e||---------------|---------------|---------------||B||---8---10---6--|--5-5p4p3---5-6|-7-----------*-||G||-0---0----0----|-0--------0----|---------------||D||---------------|---------------|-------------*-||A||---------------|---------------|---------------||E||---------------|---------------|---------------||
Main Riff0:32 Em Cm Dm Am Am Bm Gm A G E Eme|------0-||---------|---------------|---------------|--0------------||B|-----0--||-3-5-1h2-|---------------|---------------|--0----------*-||G|----0---||---------|--5-7-3h4------|---------------|--0------------||D|---2----||---------|---------------|---6h7-5-2-----|--2----------*-||A|--2-----||---------|---------------|---------------|---------------||E|-0------||---------|---------------|---------------|---------------||
Little End Part (Outro)3:44e|-3-3h5-3------0-B|-------------0--G|------------0---D|-----------2----A|----------2-----E|---------0------
Legend-- 1h2 - Hammer on 5P4 - Pull off * - - Repeat symbol, repeat only the notes in between the ||'s *
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