Jan And Dean – I Cant Wait To Love You chords

intro A G 2x
A GYeah I've got a strong urge to love ya
D C You know it keeps gettin stronger
Ab B D E if I don't see you soon,I just can't hold out much longer
A G Now you may have known lots of others
D Cwho had a talent to kiss you
Ab B D Ebut I know you'll forget them when I show you how I've missed you
AI can't wait to love you
GI can't wait to kiss you
D EI can't wait to squeeze you
AI can't wait to hold you
GI can't wait to touch you
DI can't wait to please you
A GI was gettin tired of existin
D Cbecause life didnt inspire me
Ab Bbut now youve turned my mind on
D Esince I found that you desire me
intro x 4 solo same as verse repeat chorus repeat 2nd verse outro is A G A G A G A
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