Janes Addiction - Kettle Whistle tab

Jane's Addiction

"Kettle Whistle" off the album Kettle Whistle

Verse: The guitar doesn't come in until 1:12. Some delay could help.

Break: Play verse until 3:02, then play this.
Chorus: 3:40
e--------------|B--------------|G--------------|D-XX-7-6-0-3-5-| x8A-XX-7-6-0-3-5-|D-XX-7-6-0-3-5-|
Then play the Break from 3:58 to 4:17 No guitar from 4:17 to 4:55 Play Verse twice at 4:55 No guitar from 4:55 to 5:50 Play break at 5:50 four times Then Chorus at 6:27 till the end of the song I cant tab the solo, but its some weird effect and soloing in the key of D. Thanks guys, its my first tab, its pretty accurate, hope you like it! Legend: /-slide br-bend release b-bend x-mute stroke
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