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Janes Addiction – Ted Just Admit It tab

Band      :  Janes Addiction
Song      :  Ted, just admit it...
Album     :  Nothings Shocking
Tabbed by :  Quistopia
Tuning    :  E A D G

i havent put it in the structure although i have seperated the two halfs of the song the 
half is repeated, and i havent put the number of times each part is played most of the 
etc are only played once so you just need to repeat the main parts loads of times and
listen to the dynamics of the drums etc to know the changes.... any corrections please
email me.

the_urban_poet@hotmail.com          cheers.

  Intro         Main riff

G -------------|---------------------------------------|D ---7-5-7-5---|-7-5--------------7-5------------------|A -------------|----5-5/9-7-7--5-----5-5/9-7-7\5---5---|E -------------|-------------7-------------------7-----|
Pre chorus link
G -----------------------------------------------------|D ----77-77-77-7---7-5-------------7-\-5--5--5-5/7-----|A ---0--0--0-----------7-5-3-0--0---0-0--0--0-0--------|E -----------------------------------------------------|
First chorus thing
G ----------|D ----------|A -0--------| restE ----------|
Link back to main riff
G -------------||--------------------------------------|D -----4---4-5-||-7-5--------------7-5-----------------|A -------7-----||----5-5/9-7-7--5-----5-5/9-7-7\5---5--|E -0-----------||-------------7-------------------7----|
pre chorus
G -----------------------------------------------------|D ----77-77-77-7---7-5-------------7-\-5--5--5-5/7-----|A ---0--0--0-----------7-5-3-0--0---0-0--0--0-0----0---|E -----------------------------------------------------|
"sex is violent" bit
G --------------------|D --------------------|A -0---3-5---5-3------|E --------------------|
_______________________________________________________ totally changes at this bit.. where perry keeps sayin sex is voilent..
G ----------|D ----------|A -7--------| restE -0--------|
fast bit
G -----9\------9\----|D -------------------|A -/7------/7--------|E -------------------|
slow bit
G ---------------|D -----7---7-----|A ------7---7----|E --5----5-------|
Fast Bit
G -----9\------9\----|D -------------------|A -/7------/7--------|E -------------------|
Slow Bit
G ---------------|D -----7---7-----|A ------7---7----|E --5----5-------|
G ---9\------9\-------|D --------------------|A ---7\------7\-------|E -0-------0----------|
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