Janet Jackson – Someone To Call My Lover tab

This tab was created because other tabs only contained the melody, but there was no rhythm guitar.
This is a great song by Janet Jackson. I would first give props to whoever figured out the melody
but I never found a name attached to it. However, out of respect, I won't claim it as my own.

The rest I figured out, though; real simple riff.
The song is made for two guitars: lead (melody riff) & rhythm (other riffs)
Tabbed by: qweyet_Gi

Melody Riff - played almost the entire timee|---5h7p5------------------5h7p5------------------|B|--------7-5h7p5-----7----------7-5h7p5-----7-----|G|---------------7-6h7--6---------------7-6h7--7---|D|----------------------0----------------------0---|A|-------------------------------------------------|E|-------------------------------------------------|
Intro: play 2 timesVerse 1 & 2 Riff - play staccato (short notes): play 2 times Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7 Cmaj7e|---x--x----x--|---x--x----x--|---x--x----x--|---x--x----x------------|B|---7--7----3--|---7--7----3--|---5--5----0--|---5--5----0------------|G|---6--6----4--|---6--6----4--|---4--4----0--|---4--4----0------------|D|---7--7----4--|---7--7----4--|---5--5----2--|---5--5----2------------|A|---5--5----x--|---5--5----x--|---3--3----3--|---3--3----3------------|E|---x--x----3--|---x--x----3--|---x--x----x--|---x--x----x------------|
More emphasis on the higher notes, the 5th/6th string don't need to be played/heard as much.
Pre-Chorus Riff - play staccato Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Gmaj7 Dmaj7 Dmaj7 Gmaj7 Gmaj7e|---x--x---x--x--|---x--x---x--x--|---x--x----x--x--|---x--x---x--x---|B|---7--7---7--7--|---3--3---3--3--|---7--7----7--7--|---3--3---3--3---|G|---6--6---6--6--|---4--4---4--4--|---6--6----6--6--|---4--4---4--4---|D|---7--7---7--7--|---4--4---4--4--|---7--7----7--7--|---4--4---4--4---|A|---5--5---5--5--|---x--x---x--x--|---5--5----5--5--|---x--x---x--x---|E|---x--x---x--x--|---3--3---3--3--|---x--x----x--x--|---3--3---3--3---|
Chorus 1 & 2 Riff - strum Dmaj7 Gmaj7e|----x-------x----|B|----7-------3----|G|----6-------4----|D|----7-------4----|A|----5-------x----|E|----x-------3----|
Bridge Riff - strum Bmin Bmin7 E9 Emaj Gmaj B/F#e|---x-----x-----2-----0-----3-----2------------------------|B|---3-----3-----3-----0-----3-----3------------------------|G|---4-----2-----1-----1-----4-----2------------------------|D|---4-----4-----2-----0-----5-----4------------------------|A|---2-----2-----2-----x-----x-----2------------------------|E|---x-----x-----x-----x-----3-----2------------------------|
Emin F#min Gmaj Amaj Bmaj C#maj Dmaje|---0-----2------3-----5-----7------9-----10---------------|B|---0-----2------3-----5-----7------9-----10---------------|G|---0-----2------4-----6-----8------10----11---------------|D|---2-----4------5-----7-----9------11----12---------------|A|---2-----4------5-----7-----9------11----12---------------|E|---0-----2------3-----5-----7------9-----10---------------|
Lyric Order Verse 1 - Pre-Chorus - Chorus 1 Verse 2 - Pre-Chorus - Chorus 2 Bridge - Pre-Chorus - Chorus 2 Chorus 2 - Pre-Chorus - Chorus 2 Verse 1: Pre-Chorus: Back on the road again Maybe we'll meet at a bar Feeling kinda lonely He'll drive a funky car And looking for the right guy Maybe we'll meet at a club To be mine And fall so deeply in love Friends say I'm crazy cause He'll tell me I'm the one Easily I fall in love And we'll have so much fun You gotta do it different J I'll be the girl of his dreams (maybe) This time Verse 2: Chorus 1: I spoil them when I'm in love Alright baby come on Given them what they dream of dance my way i gotta Sometimes it's not a good thing get some one But I'm blind to call my lover I love hard with everything Yeah baby come on Giving my all Alright baby come in More than they Pass my way I'll take my friends' advice this time I gotta get someone to call my lover I'll do it differently Yeah baby come on I-YI-I-YI-I-YI... Bridge: Chorus 2: My my Alright maybe gonna find him today Looking for a guy guy I gotta get someone to call my lover I don't want him too shy Yeah baby come on But he's gotta have the qualities Alright baby come in That I like in a man Pass my way Strong, smart, affectionate I gotta get someone to call my lover He's gotta be all for me Yeah baby come on And I'll be too I-YI-I-YI-I-YI... You see happily
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