Janis Ian – Fly Too High chords

FLY TOO HIGH (acoustic) -       Janis Ian


Tuning: DADGBe, capo on1st 

Intro: Dm11 / Em11 / Dm11 / Em11 /e|------------/------------/------------/------------/B|--1-----1---/--3-----3---/--1-----1---/--3-----3---/G|--0-----0---/--2-----2---/--0-----0---/--2-----2---/D|--3-----3---/--5-----5---/--3-----3---/--5-----5---/A|------------/------------/------------/------------/E|0---0-0---0h/2---2-2---2p/0---0-0---0h/2---2-2---2p/
[Dm11] A - nonymous, au - tonomous, - [Em11] [Dm11] [Em11] will likely get the best of us yet [Dm11] Be - fore you disappear, If you - [Em11] [Dm11] [Em11] can lend me half an ear I'll re - gret [Dm11] If I treat you like a number, - [Em11] [Dm11] [Em11] it's be - cause I can't remember your name [Dm11] So have another cigarette, - [Em11] [/] [theme] and help me to forget what I came Chorus:
[Gm] [Gm] [Dm11] You run too fast, - fly too high
[Gm] [A7]/ [Dm11] [Em11] Run too fast - and fly too high [Dm11] On dark and lonely nights I'm - [Em11] [Dm11] [Em11] only Right when things are bright on the floor [Dm11] Dancing and romancing, - [Em11] [Dm11] [Em11] Galli - vanting with a handsome I score [Dm11] And if you don't believe me, you - [Em11] [Dm11] [Em11] should see me when I'm ready to roar [Dm11] [Em11] 'Cause I'll lose my concentration with a new [/] [theme] infatuation, I'm sure Chorus:
[Gm] [Gm] [Dm11] You run too fast, - fly too high
[Gm] [Gm] [Dm11] You run too fast, - fly too high
[Gm] [Gm] [Dm11] We got no past, - no good - bye
[Gm] [A7]/ [Dm11]/ Run too fast - and fly too high [endtheme]
End Theme:e|--------------------------/B|3-----3-------------------/G|1p0---0-----------------f7/D|----3---3-0-----0-------f7/A|------------0h3-----------/E|------------------3b4-0---/
Dm11 0x301x Em11 2x523x Gm 5x033x Bb7 x1313x A7 x0202x Note: in the chorus, the second Gm-chord can be replaced by a Bb7-chord. Janis doesn't play it on this occasion, but then it sounds much more like the studiorecording.
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