Between The Lines chords with lyrics by Janis Ian - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Janis Ian – Between The Lines chords

AmThere's never much to say
C/G Fmaj7Between the moments of our games and repartee
Am Am+7There's never much to read
Am7 Am6 Fmaj7Between the lines of what we need and what we'll take
Dm Dm+7 F/CThere's never much to talk about or say aloud
Bm7-5 E7sus EBut say it any – way
Am Am7/G FOf holidays and yesterdays, and broken dreams
E7sus E7 Am E7That somehow slipped a – way
Am Am/G# Am/G Am/F#In books and maga - zines on how to be and what to see
Fmaj7While you are being
Am Am/G#Be-fore and after photographs
Am/G Am/F# Fmaj7Teach how to pass from reaching to be-lieving
Dm Dm/C# Dm/C Dm/BWe live beyond our means on other people's dreams
E7sus E7And that's suc-ceeding
Am Am/G Fmaj7Between the lines of photographs I've seen the past
E7 Am A7 It isn't pleasing
DmSo strike another match
We'll have another cup of wine
AmAnd dance until the evening's dead
Of too much song and time
Dm C#+There's never much to talk about
F/C Bm7-5Or read between the lines
E7susOf what we dream about
When we're apart
EAnd no one's looking on
Am EsusTo say you're mine
E Am C/G It was a good year then, it was a good year then
We all remember
Am Am+7 Am7 Am6The time you threw the looking glass and seemed a fool
FOr very clever
Dm Dm+7 Dm/CDon't spoil it all, I can't recall a time
Bm7-5 E7sus E7When you were struck without an answer
Am Am/G Am/FWe'll live a quiet peaceful time be-tween the lines
Esus E7 Am A7 And go to-gether
DmAnd I'm striking up the band to play our last hurrah
AmWe'll dance until we've killed another evening off
E7susDon't think of anyone but me
I'll have no lovers on the side
AmTonight is all we've ever dreamed about
A7For once let's get it right
GWe'll go down flying in the end
E7sus E Am A7Throw an-other bottle in between the lines
DmI'll go down like a ship of state
EsusLet's be gracious now
E Am E7 Between the lines
Am E7 Am E7
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