Jannsen - Me To You Acoustic tab

Lyrics : Lea/arvin M.

Standard tuning ebgdaE

G C De/---------------------------------------------------------------------------|b/---------3---------3--------------3--------3----------------3----------3---|g/------0-----0------------------0-----0-------------------2-----2-----------|d/------------------------------------------------------0---------------0----|a/----------------------------3------------3---------------------------------|E/--3------------3-----------------------------------------------------------|
G C Dsuse/---------------------------------------------------------------3-----------|b/---------3---------3--------------3--------3--------------------3------3---|g/------0-----0------------------0-----0-------------------2-----------------|d/------------------------------------------------------0---------------0----|a/----------------------------3------------3---------------------------------|E/--3-------------3----------------------------------------------------------|
Verse 1: G C D G C Dsus G C Dsus Your happy now and im glad you know just to see your smile even its not for me Chorus : G C D G C Dsus C D C Dsus Im happy to see you glad and glad to see happy coz you know if you cry Ill cry too Repeat intro Verse 2 G C Dsus G C D G C Dsus G C Dsus Keep that smile so my tears wont shed cause that smile keep my day alright Chorus then repeat intro Outro C D C Dsus then end with Ghold cause you know if you die .. Ill die too
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