Jansch Bert - River Running tab

Tabbed by Jamie Phillips (jamiephillips22@hotmail.com)

Artist: Bert Jansch
Track title: River Running
Album: From the Outside
Tuning: EADGBE

OK this must qualify officialy as Berts easiest song to play; all
you need are these 4 bars to repeat through the whole tune. And yet 
it's still a great song! Great practice for beginner pickers.....
Use the asterisks as a guide to the beats. Have fun! :o)

Rhythm: 4/4 

Beat:* * * * * * * *E||-----2------0---0h2-----3p2-----|--0------------0------------|B||----------3---3-------3-------0-|----------0------------0----|G||-----2------2-------2-------2---|-------0------------0-------|D||--0-----0-------0-------0-------|-----2------2-----2------2--|A||--------------------------------|----------------------------|E||--------------------------------|--0------------0------------|
* * * * * * * * E----------------------------|-----------------------------||B----------0------------2----|----------2-----2h3----------||G-------0------------0-------|-------4------4--------------||D-----0------0-----2------2--|-----4------4-------4-----4--||A---------------0------------|--2-------------2------2-----||E--3-------------------------|-----------------------------||
TAB guide: h = hammer on, p = pull off
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