Japan - The Other Side Of Life chords

The Other Side Of Life
(David Sylvian)

Am BbWell it's been a long time
G/BHow should I feel?
DmWhat can I say?
Am Bb With fantastic stories
G/BYou present yourself
DmIn different ways
Dm BbSome particular places
G/BRemembered so well
DmAre hard to forget
Am BbWe've travelled so far now
G/BThen we were young
DmHard to impress
Am G/B BmBut she comes and goes
Bb C Dm The other side of life
Am G/B BmSheltering only
Bb DmThe other side of life
These single occasions We seem to share Stumble and fall If you could remember to wave A sign of life my way But she comes and goes The other side of life Sheltering only The other side of life its nice if you drop the low E to a D too, for this tune from Quiet Life.
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