Japandroids - Young Hearts Spark Fire tab

Okay, this is my first tab, so don't be to harsh.
I figured out the intro by watching them play live.
Still in the process of tabbing the rest, but this should give you a good idea of what 
are doing.
I'm sure this is at least 98.9% correct.

Artist: Japandroids
Song: Young Hearts Spark Fire
Tuning: Drop D

Okay, so this is how the intro goes like this. There is a lot of barring:

Then after the songs starts to build-up, Play the intro like that, but softly strum the chords you end on in between, while hitting the chord rhythm in the intro hard. I believe these are the chords in the and chorus, but i'm not finished yet. If you having anything to add, questions,comments, etc., contact me at jeremiah_hutchison@live.com Also, here is a simplified version for standard tuning if you need it: Basically replace the 555785 and the 777780 bar chords with the G chord below. Replace the 555775 and the 0775 bar chords with the D.
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