Japandroids - Heart Sweats tab

Jeremiah, with Heart Sweats.

Song: Heart Sweats
Artist: Japandroids
Album: Post-Nothing
Year: 2009
Effects: Distortion, Chorus, possibly Reverb.
Tuning Drop-D

Song starts with 2 measures of drums, after that come in just by strumming:

After he says Heart Sweats both times, build up the next part with a few strums:

During the "Ooooh... Ooooh...." part, play that chord open a few times, and the palm mute it. Listen to the song for the rhythm. Then during this verse, play this chord:
Chorus:"X, O, X, O, X! X, O, X, O, X!"|-X--X--X--X--X-||-19-17-10-10-7-||-X--X--X--X--X-||-19-17-10-10-7-||-17-15-8--X--5-||-0--15-8--10-5-|
Start out by normal strumming chords, then, hit hard in sync with words. After chorus: |e|-X-| |B|-X-| |G|-X-| |D|-X-| |A|-X-| |D|-0-| Strum fast for a few measures, then let ring out for a few seconds.
Interlude:|-17-17p14-12-12p10-||-15-15----13-12----||-14-14----12-12----||-------------------||-------------------||-------------------|75% sure about this part. First chord may be wrong, but last 3 are correct.Not really pull offs, but just switch to them after one strum before the p.Listen to the song for timing and what not.
|e|-X-| |B|-X-| |G|-X-| |D|-X-| |A|-X-| |D|-0~| Let ring, then continue strumming. Chorus again. Outro:
End on:
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