Japandroids - Sovereignty tab version 2

Drop D

Here's a video for you to actually see what he's doing. 
http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zychqu5CGZ4 (Sovereignty starts at about 3:54-ish)

Intro (Strum this lots!)|--0-------------------||--0-------------------||--0-------------------||--0-------------------||--0-------------------||--12------------------|
Rest of the song|--12-----10-----14-----5----||--10-----8------12-----3----||--0------0------0------0----||--0------0------0------0----||--0------0------0------0----||--12-----10-----14-----5----|You'll have to figure out the strumming, but it's easy, I have faith in you.
Sometimes Brian will strum really fast and slide up.It would look like this:|--12-----10-----14-/-17-----5----||--10-----8------12-/-15-----3----||--0------0------0--/-0------0----||--0------0------0--/-0------0----||--0------0------0--/-0------0----||--12-----10-----14-/-17-----5----|
That's pretty much all the song is. Enjoy!!
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