Jared Mees And The Grown Children - Loboito chords

                            Loboito - Jared Mees
The lyrics to this song aren't posted online that I know of. I've omitted
the phrases I absolutely don't know, but most of them are present and
accurate to the best of my knowledge.

Tuning: Standard

C EmOne time in ten things will perfectly mend
F Am GAnd the moonlight on the porch screen will so perfectly bend
F G C AmAnd you'll bow like a flower and be OK without her
F G CAs your holiday crescendo begins
C AmChristmas came one thousand times each year
F GOnce on the twenty-fifth, the rest when she was near
C AmAnd you could lose yourself in all that coke and beer
F G C Am F GBut you always came out smelling like a rose when she was close
C Em"Hold me," she says, her hair is a mess
F Am GBut her eyes glow like embers so you draw close and press
F G C AmHer photo to your face, feel its glossy embrace
F G CAfter that you sort of forget the rest
C AmBut it's so windy in the aspen groves
F GDriving the wildfire west, (????????)
C AmMaking your heaving chest open and close
F G C Am F GYou know things only glow when they're broken and lonely
C EmSo then you're there on the beach while she was still in reach
F Am GShe was the type of girl who'd make a pastor want to preach
F G C AmOf brimstone and grails, of the blood on the nails
F G COf stained hair and bathtubs full of bleach
C AmYou're on the Greyhound bus watching the South get small
F GBeeline for Canada, escape the (???????)
C Am'Cause when the leaves catch fire you wait for ghosts to call
F GDisconnect the phone
CGet the hell out of this hell you once called home
(repeat C-Am-F-G a few times, end on C.)
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