Jarrod Gorbel - Snow Crusher tab

			  Snow Crusher - Jarrod Gorbel
Tabbed by: adslam3

Tuning: Standard

This song has some weird chords for the verse, but I'll do my best to show
you exactly how this song is played.  I've put the words under the chord
changes for the first verse and chorus. The whole song follows the same
pattern.  The layout of the song with lyrics is at the bottom.  Good luck.

Notes in ( ) are optional, depending on how you want it to sound.

Strumming isn't shown!

Introe|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-6----7----9----7--------Play this two times-----------------------------|A|-7----9----11---9--------------------------------------------------------|E|-0----0----0----0--------------------------------------------------------|
VERSESPART 1e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-6--6------6---9----------6---6----6-------------------------------------|A|-7--7------7---11---------7---7----7-------------------------------------|E|-0--7------9---0----------7---9----0-------------------------------------| Watch the snow Com-pi - le The ebb and flow of foot traffic
PART 2e|------------(5)------------------------------(5)-------------------------|B|------------(5)------------------------------(5)-------------------------|G|------------(6)------------------------------(6)-------------------------|D|--6--6---6---7---------6------6----6----6-----7------------------6-------|A|--7--9---7---7---------7------7----9----7-----7------------------7-------|E|--0--0---0---5---------0------0----0----0-----5------------------0-------| The pow-der crushed...grip I'll throw some at you......when I miss
PART 3e|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|B|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|G|-------------------------------------------------------------------------|D|-------------------7--------------------------(11)(9)(7)--(11)(9)-(7)----|A|----6---6-9--------7--------6----6------9------11--9--7----11--9---7-----|E|----0---7-7--------5--------0----7------7------9---7--5----9---7---5-----| re-tal-i-ate..percision Cold smacks the.... fa- a-ace way to..repay
CHORUS E A F#m B A G#m F#me|(0)--------(0)-----------(2)------------(7)------------------------------|B|(0)--------(0)-----------(2)------------(7)------------------------------|G|(1)---------2------------(2)------------(8)------------------------------|D|-2----------2-------------4--------------9------(7)--(6)(4)--------------|A|-2----------0-------------4--------------9-------7----6--4---------------|E|-0------------------------2--------------7-------5----4--2---------------| Give me....Little less...Not another...Those..before me oh, noNOTE: on the last chord of the chorus (2 4 X X X X), he sometimes lifts his index finger to make a 0 4 x x x x.
SNOW CRUSHER INTRO VERSE 1 PART1 Watch the snow compile The ebb and flow of foot traffic PART2 The powder crushed and compact in our grip But I'll throw some at you And laugh when I miss PART3 Retaliate with better precision Cold smacks the side of my face Way to repay CHORUS Give me some affection A little less aggression No, not another story About those that came before me Oh, no VERSE 2 PART1 Waited so patiently For everyone else to leave PART2 They're not important At least not to me I'm not anti-social You fulfill those needs PART3 Names I can't connect to faces Places I'd rather not be I'm already complete CHORUS 2 It's not your fault,no not at all I'm the only one responsible Becuase you're so well-adjusted I'm a hater (heathen?) with no conscience Oh, oh REPEAT INTRO VERSE 3 PART1 Pane of glass Three inches deep Somehow cracks And the door that leads PART2 To the stairwell of your old, old apartment Five flight of buzzing Flourescent lights PART3 Layers peeled with every few steps Beads of sweat drip down my neck I'm a nervous wreck CHORUS 3 Why are you always depressed? Does everything make you this stressed? Why are you always drowning? It's the same sea that surrounds us Oh, oh So give me some affection A little less aggression No, not another story About those that came before me Oh oh REPEAT INTRO End on D|-6 A|-7 E|-0
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