Jars Of Clay – Like A Child tab

Jars of Clay--Like a Child
written by: Jars of Clay, Lyrics by Dan Haseltine
transcribed by: David Lawson and Carrie Faith Ingram

***O.K. all you Jars fans out there, I tried to figure this out, and I've
somewhat succeded. I know at least the chords are mostly right---just
mess around with the progressions here, and see if it works. I don't know
exactly how to write tab, so this should be interesting!!!***

{here's some chords that would be easier to write in tab, but i don't know
how to do that}
     {E   A   D   G   B   e}
1     x   x   x    x    8   7
2     x   x   x    x    7   5
3     x   x   x    x    5   3
4     x   x   x    x    3   2
5     x   x   x    x    3   3
6     x   x   x    x   12  10

{during the verses, strum the top strings only--as if they were power chords}

Dear God,
     G--C2                 G--C2
surround me as I speak,
           G--C2                                     G--C2
the bridges that I walk across are weak,
                  G         C2        G--C2                       G--C2
and the frustrations fill the void that I can't solely bear.
Dear God, 1 2 3 4 5don't let me fall apart, 2 1 2 3 6You've held me close to You, 1 2--2 1 2and I have turned away and searched 3 1-2 - 2 - 1 2--4for answers I can't understand.
CHORUS: D2-D-Dsus C2 G C2 They say that I can move the mountains D2-D-Dsus C2 G C2 and send them falling [crashing] to the sea D2-D-Dsus C2 G C2 They say that I can walk on water D2-D-Dsus C2 G C2 if I would follow and believe with faith like a child G--C2 G--C2 G--C2 G {here, I just try the patterns in the first verse.....HAVE FUN!!!} Sometimes, when I feel miles away and my eyes can't see Your face I wonder if I've grown to lose the recklessness I walked in light of You... Send any requests to <- electricpickboy@yahoo.com ->
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