Jars Of Clay – Unforgetful You tab

Unforgetful You
by Jars Of Clay
Album: If I Left The Zoo
(c) 1999 Bridge Building Music, Inc./Pogostick Music/BMI.
Submitted by Cody Pitre, cpitre@intop.net

Intro: E   B   A   B

Verse 1:
E                 B          A     B
I never minded calling You a king
        E                    B
If that meant that I could count on You

to give me everything
  E                     A
I never thought I'd ask You
F#m           B
I always You knew
       E            B          A      B
It was never my intention to question You

Verse 2
     E               B         A       B
You never minded calling me a child
        E                  B             A
Well, I guess that's how I acted all the while
        E                       A
But You live through every tantrum
F#m                    B
You see through every lie
            E                 B
Though they seem to be more common
       A                  B         E
I just wanted You to know why oh why

 E        B
A      B    E
Unforgetful You,
 A      B
E         B
 A      B    E
Unforgetful You,
A       B
so unforgetful

E   B   A   B

Verse 3: (same as verse 2)
You never minded giving us the stars
Then showing us how blind and unaware of You we are
You painted me a picture and me how to see
Though I just won't behold it
unless it pertains to me


Bridge Solo: (use wah pedal)e------------------|-----------------|b------------------|-----------------|g------------------|---5------3--p0--|D----5--3----------|---5--5---3--p0--|A----------5--4--3-|-----------------|E-3----------------|-----------------|
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