Jars Of Clay – Rose Colored Stain Glass Window tab

from"Never Say Dinosaur" the Petra tribute album
"Rose Colored Stain Glass Windows" revised by Jars of Clay
Tabbed by Jonathan Hunter (Jarboy7@aol.com)

ok ive worked awhile on this, and even got hints from Steve Mason himself

ok, the intro is Dm w/ a F in the Bass(top String)---like this

         Dm                             Dm/F

THEN THE VERSES 1ST PART Bb C Dm Another sleepy Sunday, safe within the walls Bb C Dm Outside a dying world in desperation calls G F C Dm But no-one hears the cries, or knows what they're about........... G Bb F C The doors are locked with in, or is it from, without......... Chorus- Dm C F C Looking through Rose colored stain glass windows Dm C F C Never allowing the world to come in Dm C F C Seeing no evil and feeling no pain Dm C F C Making the light as it comes from within, so dim......... then back to the intro on "so dim" then it starts all over again ok thanks for allowing people such as me to write tabs for your webpage. I would like to also credit my sis Julie for helpin out w/the rhythm part. If there are any questions on this tab please feel free to email me at jarboy7@aol.com and ill be tryin to work on the lead to this song in the mean time Send any requests to <- electricpickboy@yahoo.com ->
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