Jars Of Clay - My Heavenly tab

My Heavenly: Jars of Clay

F   F/E   F/D     C   (continue walk down over verse)
C                                           F
Let the wind fall across my path
C                                                               F
Even though we barely move, there's no turning back
C                                        F
There is a river, there is a road, 
C                                    F
A place of holy riches untold
D                                             F
It's where I'm supposed to be, where I'm supposed to be...
My heavenly

I know it never feels right to let go of the safety we're used to holding so tight
But there is a lion underneath these skies
D                              F
Though love cries,  though love cries,
D                              F
Though love cries, love will rise...
My, my, my heavenly

Am G       F          C
So fly me higher, higher, 
Am    G         F                C
Hope fill me, keep me here
Am     G     F  F/E  F   F/E
Love lion, my, my...

So when I'm lonely or when I'm old, life is more behind me
All the stories have been told
I can fix my gaze up through the clouds
Where I'm gonna be, where I'm gonna be...my heavenly
My, my heavenly
My heavenly
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