Jars Of Clay – Only Alive tab

This is from their "who we are instead" album.
Good, rootsy song that's easy to play.
I mostly just play chords throughout with a few strings picked here and there.  For 
the intro is just C and G strummed, with some simple sliding and walking on the A and E 
similar style with the solo.
Just listen to the song on the album and play around with it.

Verse 1: C G I'm a fair weather friend, I'm a colorless view C G But I'm willin' to make a deal C G If you think you can make some faith here inside C G I'll drive off and marry you Chorus: G Em G Am D G I'm only alive with you G Em G C Am D I can't get by and I won't get through G C D Em So put me in the river and let me say I do G Em G C D G I'm only alive with you Intro Verse 2: You're a sight for sore eyes and a newborn cry In a year where there are so few If you throw me a line I'll show you in time I'm fallin' in love with you Chorus
Intro Verse 3: Though my heart has been torn by loves I have worn And I'm tempted by them ever still I tremble inside when you walk in the room You hold my affections and will Chorus 2x Intro and out
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