Jars Of Clay – On Jordans Stormy Banks I Stand tab

Intro: strum "G" over and over till words come in
ver. 1:
    G              C        G         G              
On Jordan's stormy banks I stand//And cast a wishful eye//To Canan's fair
    C      G                D       G        
and happy land//Where my possesions lie//All o're those wide extended
G              G           D          G              
C    G
plains//Shines one eternal day//There God, the Son forever rains//And
         D      G
scatters night away//

     G         D             C             D       
         G         D
I am bound, I am bound, I am bound for the Promise Land//I am bound, I am
            C             D       G
bound, I am bound for the Promise Land//

   G                 C         G           G         
No chilling wind nor poisonous breath//Can reach that healthful shore//
      G                 C        G          G        
Where sickness, sorrow, pain and death//Are felt and feared no more//


instrumental- play same chords as for chorus with same timing(G D 
D G G D C D G)

     G                C     G          G          
When shall I see that happy place//And be forever blessed//When shall I see
   C        G         G      D     G
my Father's face//And in His bosom rest//


End strumming "G" again

this is the first tab i've ever done. i hope you enjoy it and really listen to the 
p.s.- if you have the cd with this song on it(jars of clay, redemption songs) you can 
along with it because it's done in "G" like this tab. i do it all the time.
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