Jarvis Cocker - The Loss Adjuster Excerpt 1 2 tab

Artist: Jarvis Cocker
Song: The Loss Adjuster (Excerpt 1 & 2)
Album: The Jarvis Cocker Record

Hi, this song is so easy to play because it only last 00:27 seconds and is intrumental, 

D Ae|--2-----2-----2-----2-----2-----0---|B|-----3--3--------3--3--------3--2---|G|--------2-----------2-----------2---|D|--------0-----------0-----------2---|A|--------------------------------0---|E|------------------------------------|
G A F Ge|--3-----5-----1-----3---|B|--3-----5-----1-----3---|G|--4-----6-----2-----4---|D|--5-----7-----3-----5---|A|--5-----7-----3-----5---|E|--3-----5-----1-----3---|
G A F G Ge|--3-----5-----1-----3-----3---|B|--3-----5-----1-----3-----3---|G|--4-----6-----2-----4-----4---|D|--5-----7-----3-----5-----5---|A|--5-----7-----3-----5-----5---|E|--3-----5-----1-----3-----3---|
easy cake... :D
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