Jarvis Cocker – Heavy Weather tab

SONG: “Heavy Weather” by Jarvis Cocker
FROM: Faruk Kaynar    f_kaynar1905@yahoo.com
DATE: 05 / January / 2007

G                                             G				 C		       G
This morning it was Summer, by noon a cold front building: where did you go? Where
	       G	 			      G			   C		    * G
did you go? I’ve got to find some shelter cos any minute now it’s gonna blow. It’s gonna
          C		       G     C		        G	                                     ( C )	  D…
blow. But I don’t mind the rain so strike me once again: I’ve got nothing to lose.
           C		        D		      G(C)G	          C	      D
***And it looks like we’re in for stormy weather       with death & destruction coming
G(C)G	         Am		   D	     G             C	       Em                   G
through. Oh, look out there she blows – now everybody knows: Stormy weather always
C		       D			           C		    D
makes me think of you.(REPEAT***) And watch out cos the storm is coming

C e----------------3-------0--------------------------------| B---------------------------------------------------------|* = G-----------------------------------------------------------| D---------------------------------------------------------| A-----3---------------------------------------------------| E---------------------------------------------------------|
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