Jasmin – Must Be tab

This is the right scene for a dream
All this is way to good to be true
Out of all my hopeless life
how could i earn someone like you
I sit down with my head in my hands
trying to figure out who i really am   DM7 C

DM      AM     E                            D
I'm confused, out of all the people how come you
DM      AM     E                          AM
All my life i have been rejected this is new

EM         G              D
Must be a drem it's the right scene is this really happening to me

What's so different how have i changed was this ever meant to be
EM                           C
yeah i guess this must have to be
?                 ?
one of my fantasy dreams

Some time ago a use to just sit and cry

because I had nothing i wanted that wuz why

so how come this times it's all different

out of all the faces why do u see mine

What has changed

Or are games being played

I'm confused out of all the people how come you

yeah i guess this must be
another one of my crazy fantasy dreams

chorus 2 times

Was I broke and now i'm meant

or am i still odly different

it must have to be

one crazy trip of a dream
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