Jasmine Rae – Hows That Workin For You chords


|B         |B        |B         |B            |

D DEverything was perfect when we first met
D D B BSomething bout us just seemed to fit real nice
B BIt fit so nice
D DDidn’t need much to keep us entertained
D D B BStaying in listening to the rain all night
B Bit felt so right
E Ethen out of the blue you just walked away
G Gcrying to me that you needed your space
B BHows that Workin for ya? Finally got your way
D DNow You’ve got your freedom and you made a lot of changes
E EOughta be a big smile on your face
B BHows That workin For ya?
Verse I guess now you can do whatever you want TV dinners and football all night long No you cant go wrong You can wear the same shirt 5 days in a row Got a king sized bed that’s all your own… And you can sleep alone! PC You’re asking my friends how I’ve been Did you tell em’ bout your plans that don’t include me? Chorus Solo |D |D |B |B | |D |D |E |E || Chorus
B Hows that workin for ya?
Bnow you’ve broken free
D DYou’ve gotten rid of all the things you said you didn’t need
E E Got all that time to sit around and miss me
B BHows that working for ya?
B Oh hows that workin for ya?
BFinally got your way
D DNow you’ve got your freedom and you made a lot of changes
E EOughta be a great big grin on your face
B BHow that workin for ya?
Outro |B |B |D |D | |E |E | |B |B |B |B | |D |D |E |E | |D B| D B||
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