Jason Aldean - Crazy Town chords

I couldnít find any guitar chords on this song on here, so I decided to do one on my 
I am pretty sure these chords are right. So if not then you can probably tweak it to fix it.



D Cadd9 G


DRoll into town
Cadd9Step off the bus
GShake off the where you came from dust
DGrab your guitar
Cadd9Walk down the street
GSign says Nashville, Tennessee
Cadd9But I,
Ghave found
D Cadd9Itís a crazy town full of neon dreams
GEverybody plays, everybody sings
D Cadd9Hollywood with a touch of twang
GTo be a star, you gotta bang bang bang
D Cadd9Bend those strings till the hank comes out
GMake all the drunk girls scream and shout
Cadd9We love it, we hate it
G DWere all just trying to make it
In this crazy town This just repeats for the next verse and chorus BRIDGE
Cadd9 GOne year they reposes your truck
Cadd9 DAnd the next you make a couple million bucks
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