Fast chords with lyrics by Jason Aldean - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jason Aldean – Fast chords

G Goodbye crack of dawn,
DGoodbye harvester,
Em And goodbye hello baby,
DAfter a long hard day,
Cof plowing dirt,
GGoodbye way of life,
DGoodbye pass it down,
EmGoodbye up all night,
DOf praying for rain,
CA two year drought,
DWalking on faith,
CAnd toughing it out,
DWhat's past is past,
C D C GNothing in this world lasts,
DAren't those four lanes,
GGoodbye gravel road,
DThanks for the ride,
EmFor watching over me,
DRemember the time,
CI rolled my truck,
DAnd you were there,
CWhen I woke up,
DYou walked me home,
CYeah you lead me home
Repeat Chorus Goodbye Tomorrow's another day You know, time it only moves one way Away from yesterday Oh, but memories never fade Chorus Aren't they fast, What's past is past, Aren't they fast, Aren't they fast.
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