Jason Aldean – Fly Over States chords ver. 2

Jason Aldean


(My first submitted tab.)

Standard Tuning 
No capo

Begginning Part:

e|---7------|b|-----8----|g|-------7--|d|----------| X 5a|----------|E|----------|
GA couple guys in first class on a flight
BmFrom new York to Los Angeles,
Kinda making small talk killing time,
CFlirting with the flight attendants,
Am30, 000 feet above, could be Oklahoma,
GJust a bunch of square cornfields and wheat farms,
BmMan it all looks the same,
Miles and miles of back roads and highways,
CConnecting little towns with funny names,
Am DWho'd want to live down there in the middle of nowhere,
Em CThey've never drove through Indiana,
GMet the men who plowed that earth,
D BmPlanted that seed, busted his ass for you and me,
Em COr caught a harvest moon in Kansas,
D CThey'd understand why god made those fly over states
G Bm I bet that mile long Santa Fe freight train engineer's seen it all
CJust like that flatbed cowboy stacking US steel on a 3-day haul
Road and rails under their feet
Am D Yeah that sounds like a first class seat
Em COn the plains of Oklahoma
GWhere the windshield sunset in your eyes
DLike a watercolor painted sky
Em C You'd think heavens doors have opened
DYou'll understand why god made
CThose fly over states
Em CTake a ride across the badlands
G Feel that freedom on your face
DBreathe in all that open space
Em CMeet a girl from Amarillo
GYou'll understand why god made
C Why you'd want to plant your stakes
DIn those fly over states
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