Jason Aldean - Crazy Town tab version 1


Guitar 1 : (Acoustic)
D D C G (listen to the song for the rhythm)

Guitar 2 : (electric)Lead;e------------------------------------------|B------------------------------------------|G------------------------------------------|D-3-5--0-3-0-3-5---0-3-0-3-5--0-3-0-3-0~---|A------------------------------------------|E------------------------------------------|
Verse 1 Guitar 1 (acoustic) D C Roll into town, step off the bus G shake off the where ya came from dust, D grab your guitar, C walk down the street, G sign says nashville tennesee Pre-Chorus Guitar 1 : Bb C But I have found....
Guitar 2: (ELECTRIC w/a little distortion just hit each power chord whenever the acoustic switches chords)e------------|B-------1----|G-3~----0----|D-3~----2----|A-1~----3----|E------------|
Chorus : Guitar 1 D C It's a crazy town, full of neon dreams G Everybody plays, everybody sings D C Hollywood with a touch of twang G Bb Bb Bb To be a star you gotta bang, bang, bang D C Bend those strings 'til the Hank comes out G Make all the drunk girls scream and shout D C G We love it, we hate it, we're all just trying to make it D In this crazy town
Chorus : Guitar 2 - Electricyou only play on the "bang,bang,bang" part which is where you playe----------------|B----------------|G-3-3-3----------|D-3-3-3----------|A-1-1-1----------|E----------------| W/ ALOT OF DISTORTIONPlay Intro 2x
Verse 2/Pre-Chorus same as verse 1 Chorus 2x and thats it
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