Jason Aldean - Staring At The Sun chords version 1

Staring At The Sun
Written by Neil Thrasher, Wendell Mobley & Tony Martin
Recorded by Jason Aldean
Album: Night Train (2012)

(No Capo)

Intro.:  |(Em)(G)|(C)(G)| x 2

She's like (Em)starin' at the (G)sun (C) (G)ai
She could (Em)easily blind (G)someone (C) (G)es
Other (Em)women, I see (G) none (C) (G)u,-
She's like (Em)starin' at the (G)sun (C) (G)ai

She gets (C)on you under your skin like a (Em)tattoo
She'll always be (D)there
She (C)holds on, stuck in your head like an (Em)old song
She ain't goin' no-(D)where

She's like (Em)standin' in the (G)rain (C) (G)
Washes all (Em) my cares a-(G)way (C) (G)
At the end (Em) of a long, (G)hot day (C) (G)
She's like (Em)standin' in the (G)rain, (C) (G)oh

Repeat Chorus

Inst.:  |(C) |(Em) |(D) |(D)

Repeat Chorus

She's like (Em)finally coming (G)home (C) (G)
And seeing that (Em)light in the window (G)on (C) (G)
After (Em)being gone too (G) long (C) (G)
She's like (C)finally coming home, standin' in the rain, starin' at the sun -----
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