Jason Bajada – Cut Watch Leave chords

This song is played with a capo on the first fret, so all of the notes are relative to the capo.
I tabbed out some of the stranger chords at the bottom of the page. Enjoy!


Asus2  E Bm Bmsus2 x2

Verse 1:

Asus2 E BmI've been drawn into the day
Bmsus2 The sun caught fire again
Asus2 E BmThings are different things are strange
Bmsus2 When I've got nothing to say
Asus2 E BmAnd the way you look at me's so tired
Bmsus2 You've been wired now I'm calling the shots
Asus2 E Bm Bmsus2And the words start paving the way
Am CThe plane is taking me to hell
G6add11 And the gasoline's burning us well
G AmOh no, you know it's true
CThe only thing I shouldn't have done
G6add11 GWas to think of you with someone
AmDown on your knees
CWith his head back in a pointless magazine dream
GIt's not what love's supposed to be
FYou cut my throat
FmSo watch me bleed then leave
C Cadd9 Verse 2: Asus2 E Bm Bmsus2
Asus2 ELost we've all been lost
Bm Bmsus2I wish someone had told me the plot
Asus2 E BmBefore I got caught, yeah I got caught
Bmsus2 AmNow the bastards are running away
C...and taking me to hell
G6add11 The gasoline's done us well
G AmOh oh, you know it's you
CThere isn't much I could have done
G6add11 GTo prevent us from falling to one
AmWhen we were a ten
CThe stars were never the end
GIt's not how love's supposed to bend
FYou cut my throat
Fm C Cadd9So watch me reach the end
F G CI can't believe I let you break me again
------------------- Chords
Asus2: 002200Bmsus2: 224422
G6add11: 320010 Cadd9: x30010 Official Website for Jason Bajada: http://www.jasonbajada.net
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