Jason Boland – Somewhere Down In Texas tab

The song is in the key of E

When I look south and see the storm clouds roll,
on their way to old Mexico
                      A     B
I don't want to be alone

The rays of light through my Shiner Bock bottle
make me wanna turn the key and put down the throttle
and get lost down 35

           (B    A    B)  then back to verse chords

When I get tied down by the ties that bind
seems like I'm never gonna find the time
to do what I need.

That's to find me a place where I think
talk about love,laugh, and drink.
And there's someone there who cares.

 C#m                            A
Cause no matter how big the storms
  C#m                                 B
I know I can find me a place that's warm.
The sun is shining somewhere in Texas.Ê
C#m                    A
I hope it's shining on her
A   B              E       C#m      A      B
somewhere down in Texas.

In a place that big a man could get lost
never mind the time forget about the cost.
There's more important things.

Shes' somewhere smiling north of San Antone
I've got her number but I stare at the phone.
Cause I still want to believe.


C#m              A             E
To hell with horoscopes and empty dreams
C#m              A                       B
to hell with Valentino in his cut pair of jeans.
   A                         B
Cause I know I can make it there
       A           B           C#m     A      B       E
on a twelve pack and a prayer.

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