Jason Derulo - In My Head chords

I was steaming through some Youtube videos and found two good covers, but they were
I basically mixed their (wrong) chords together to get the right ones and for the right
There's only 3 chords that you play through the whole song: Am, C, and G. in that order. 
truly like the song and wanted to learn how to play it and you may. Enjoy!

Capo on 3

Am, C, G

AmE|-x-|A|-x-|D|-2-|G|-2-|B|-1-|e|-0-| (x 4) (Count: 1 and 2)
CE|-x-|A|-3-|D|-2-|G|-0-|B|-1-|e|-0-| (x 4)(Count: and 3 and 4)
GE|-3-|A|-2-|D|-0-|G|-0-|B|-0-|e|-3-| (x 8)(Count: and 5 and 6 and 7 and 8)
Play with the actual song a couple of times and you'll get it.
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