Jason Gray – More Like Falling In Love chords ver. 2

More Like Falling In Love - Jason Gray
Exactly as played in Jason's Youtube video.
INSTRUCTIONAL VIDEO in detail at www.Youtube.com/TestamentToHope

Standard tuning
CAPO: 2nd Fret
Capo is a cut capo leaving the 6th string open. Similar to a drop "D" but played 1 full 
step up. (Yes, you have to sacrifice a capo).

Funky Em is played 2nd Fret/6th string (behind the capo) and 4th Fret 5th string
G and D2 play a hammer with 1st finger
C play a hammer with 2nd finger (3rd string)
Asus is played with an open 3rd string

INTRO:  C9 - G - Em - D2 (2x)

VERSE 1 (VERSE 2 underneath)
Em C G D2 / Give me rules / I will break them
/ Give me words / I 'll misuse them
Em C G D2 / Show me lines / I will cross them
/ Obli - gations / I'll misplace them
Em C G D2 / I need more than a truth to believe
/ 'cause all religion ever made of me
Em C G D2I need a truth, that lives, moves and breathes
Was just a sinner, with a stone tied to my feet
Asus A7 (mute)To sweep me off my feet / it's gotta be...
It never set me free / it's gotta be... CHORUS
C9 G Em D2/ More like falling in love / than something to believe in
C9 G Em D2/ More like losing my heart / than giving my allegiance
C9 G D2 Em C/ Caught up, called out. Come take a look at me now (*&* after Verse 2)
G D2 Em C9 G D2It's like I'm falling / Ohhh. It's like I'm falling. In love
C9 G Em D2/ Who oh oh Who oh oh (2x)
BRIDGE (*&*)
G D2 Em C9 G D2 C9 G D2It's like I'm falling / Ohhh. It's like I'm falling, In love love love
Em C G D EmDeeper and deeper it was love that made me a believer
C G Em D2In more than a name, a faith, a creed
C9 (hit) (hit) G (hit) D2- D2 D D2Fall'n in love with Jesus brought the change in me
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