Chicago Prominade chords with lyrics by Jason Isbell - Easy chords and tabs for guitar

Jason Isbell – Chicago Prominade chords

[Capo 2]

Chords used:
G     3x0033
Em7   020033
F#    2x0033
C     x32010
C/B   x20010
A7    x02010
A7*   x02000

[Intro]   G G Em F#  |  G G Em F#

G Em7 F#My door is locked, my debts are paid
I'll do the Chicago Promenade My back was turned, I did not see That shadow climbing up on me I took my turn at fixing hearts But that goes bad before it starts I'm des-per-ate now, I must say I'll do the Chicago Promenade If I die now before I'm old My story will be less than told There's so much more to suffer through Before I meet again with you
C C/B A7 A7* - A7 And I've tried so hard and I've been so blind
C C/B A7 A7* - A7 I thought we could all grieve one at a time.
G Em F#I lost a friend, it felt like five
A man who wouldn't compromise I'll think of him on New Year's Day And do the Chicago Promenade. G Em F# etc. (fade out)
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