Jason Meadows – 18 Video Tapes tab

Capo 1
Intro: D G D A / D G A D

D	        G	    A		      D
One day little Billy said “momma, where’s my dad?”
G		    D	             A			D
fighting back the tears she said “I knew one day you’d ask”
D			   C		A	       D
She walked him down the hallway, to a closet with a safe
         G			 D	    A 	           G  A	    D
Said “I think you’ll find the answer right here, in these 18 video tapes”

          D		   G	       A		D
See the doctors told him he’d be gone before you were born
        G		    D	           A		  D
And it broke his heart to know he’d never hold you in his arms
D		   C		    A	       	    D
Determined not to let you grow up learning from mistakes
G		       D		    A 	     G  A      D
He put everything he thought you’d need to know, on 18 video tapes

G     Em	 D		A
Like here’s the way you hold a bat, 
G	     Em	        D	A
Be sure to keep that shoulder back
G	      D	        G	 D
And when you cast that rod and reel, 
      G 	D		 A
Well use your wrist its in the field, 
G    Em	      D		        A 
Or when you learn to ride your bike
G    Em        D		   A 		D	 G  
I’ll tell you now that you won’t like those training wheels
G	   D	 A
But your momma will

D	         G	          A		 D
That day on his momma showed him one of them a year
G	           D		  A		 D
Sometimes it was almost like his dad was really there
D		C        A	     D
Sometimes he laughed, sometimes he cried
         G	A     D
But he always walked away
          G	         D		A	      G	  A	D
Having learned another lesson from his dad, in those 18 video tapes

G     Em	 D	       A
Like when you shave don’t get too close
G	  Em	    D	     A
Lose the hair but leave the nose 
G		D     G	      D
And when your momma gives you my old truck
       G	  D		   A
Don’t drive too fast or ride the clutch
       D      G		     A
Don’t listen to your buddies son
   	  D	 G          A	    D	        G
when the conversation comes to the birds and bees
Just go to tape 18

     D		     G		        A            D
Well I just need to tell you one more thing before I go
      G		    	 D	      A		   D
It wont be long you’ll have a little baby of your own
D		   C		A		D
Be there for him every day, no matter what it takes
G	   D		    A	   G   A     D
Even you have to put your love on 18 video tapes

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